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Mobility for professionals

Our heavy duty cargo scooters are perfect for warehouses and distribution centers.
See how TAGG Logistics keeps their team happy & healthy.

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Scooters for business

Have fun making local deliveries while advertising your company! Nimble Scooters are ideal for any small or medium business.

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Nimble, meaning agile, is what defines our kick-scooters and their unique capability of transporting small cargo. Thanks to our patented steering system, one can easily maneuver a Nimble cargo scooter through tight spaces, crowds or sharp turns, even with a total load of 300 lbs. An entirely new innovative means of personal mobility, they are designed to help people move things around short distances. Taking tasks and errands to a whole new level, our cargo scooters save time, your back and make the ride SO much more enjoyable. Useful and fun for a variety of uses such as urban mobility, warehouse fulfillment, outdoor events, commercial deliveries or marketing events. What’s your cargo?

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Nimble Scooters are perfect for individuals who may need to haul sports gear, groceries, belongings around their neighborhoods, schools or for various errands. The Nimble is also great for businesses to deliver goods around the block, use for internal use or even to help promote their brand during a marketing event. If you own a warehouse or an industrial professional, you may find the a Nimble cargo scooter very useful as a mobility tool to get around large distribution or packing centers. You’ll get your work done faster and enjoy going for the ride. 



  • Heavy duty and quality products that will last for generations
  • Affordable for your needs: 1/6 of the cost of your average cargo bicycle ($1,500-$3,000)
  • More stability than regular kick-scooters
  • Safer for workers and rough surfaces



  • Easy to store and use in any location
  • A wide platform for a comfortable ride and perfect for large boots
  • Carries 3/4 of the same load of a cargo bicycle, at a fraction of the cost
  • Polyurethane trim wheels allow smooth rolling with a strong polyolefin core to insure long lasting wheels with zero maintenance. More here.



  • 90-days satisfaction guarantee
  • 7 days a week customer service
  • A return of investment in no time
  • Happiness and smiles for all!

Designed to last

A military grade heat-treated T6 aluminum frame, 3mm thick HDPE cargo tub and premium Colson wheels make Nimble the toughest cargo scooter on the market. See more here.

A compact advantage

At less than half the size of a cargo bicycle, Nimble Scooters are easy to store, ride into a store or even an elevator. Without a motor and due to its compact size, they are legal to ride Nimble Scooter on sidewalks.

No more back pain

It’s important to reduce weight on your back if you’re regularly carrying grocery bags, kids backpacks, tools or supplies. Nimble Scooters take the load off your back and gets you where you need to go safely. Learn more here.

Save time

Nimble Scooters go as fast as a skateboard and reduce time by half if you were walking instead.
Save time at work or running errands to make more time for yourself.

A rainbow of colors + combinations!

Choose between a white frame or black frame for any of the bin colors. Click to see product details.
Color Theory White Frame_3-4
Nimble Scooters Plum

Flat White

Nimble_Cargo_Scooter_Color Theory Main_3-4-Midnight SQUARE


Our clients and partners




More than just a personal mobility tool, the Nimble Scooters are also a great conversation starter. Take it around town for a spin and you’ll find friendly faces light up and ask about it.

For business owners, this is a great tool for marketing and getting attention to your business and products locally. Speak to your customers directly about your business, allow them to get to know what you’re doing for the city.

This new way of interacting with your neighborhood, whether you’re an individual using it for personal errands or an employee using the scooter for deliveries will make your environment much more pleasant, keep you in good spirits, and you’ll be seeing a lot of smiling and curious people around you.

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