Dynamic Fulfilling in the University Hospital thanks to Nimble


The Nimble Cargo Scooter was in the spotlight on July 13th on national Belgium TV! RTC Télé Liège did a report on how the scooter is used in the University Hospital of Liège’s brand new distribution center. They have a 5400 square meter (55 square feet) fulfillment area and is very useful to go from one aisle to another and to transport boxes for orders.

Philippe Colline, Head of Fulfillment Center says: “What you don’t realize is that to cover the whole surface of this area, the 10 people who work here would have to walk 70 km a day for their tasks. Thanks to Nimble and the other mobility tools we have here, we relieve a lot of that effort.” This also saves a lot of time, allowing the workers to complete their tasks faster.

Over 5000 different SKUs are stored in this center. Everyday, a worker completes 150 orders on average. The Nimble, as a newcomer, changes a bit of the various habits and rhythm, but also creates a new dynamic within the team.

“It’s a tool that is regarded as a way to get out of the routine. The work we do here is quite a repetitive task of fulfilling order after order. Usually we receive about 1200-1400 orders a day. Most orders are fulfilled with carts, but here for small orders, we also decided to provide the option of having a more fun tool to get out of the routine and to make the effort a bit more dynamic.” says Colline. The Nimble is currently being tested here and if the results are good the team will purchase a small fleet of Nimble Cargo Scooters. The price is reasonable, 10 x less expensive than a Segway, and you get to shave off a few calories to make the initial effort and get going on your cargo scooter.

Un reportage a été réalisé par le JT de RTC le 13 juillet 2015. Une trottinette pour les magasiniers du CHU: