A Nimble addition to VeloCity Nantes 2015

From June 3rd – 6th Nimble Scooters participated in VeloCity Nantes, France for the 2015 edition. The Velo-city conference series is largely regarded as the world reference in terms of urban cycling policies. Find out more on ECF and the Velo-city series.


The trade show and conference was THE place for all city officials, planners, urban mobility facilitators, housing compound developers, designers, manufacturers and politicians to discuss and share ideas about urban mobility, cycling in the city and developing further ideas on mobility, safety, logistics…

There was a fascinating array of professionals of all backgrounds and nationalities, coming all the way from South Africa, Australia or Colombia to this elected French capital for discussion of these topics.

a solution for urban mobility for individuals and businesses

Nimble Scooters found its place among the bicycle accessory designers, online sharing platforms, e-motor kits and bicycle parking manufacturers, as a unique solution for mobility in urban areas. People from all types of activity were curious about our Nimble Cargo Scooter and how it could help them in their situation: housing complexes needing fleets of vehicles to share among residents for shopping. A business owner wanting to complement his existing bicycle fleet with smaller cargo carrying devices. A Brazilian expert on active transportation seeing Nimble as an opportunity for the mingled and crowded streets of Rio. And again trade show organizers seeing a mini fleet of scooters carrying marketing material at each trade show.

What inspired me was the amount of dedicated people that were all there and reunited to really make things happen in their own cities and workplaces. These people are DO-ers. They are all about encouraging cycling. Making cycling safer, including cycling and various modes of transportation in all city and housing plans. Bicycle highways, vertical parking, remotely accessible locks…It’s fascinating, challenging, and fun. Being outdoors, on the move, and doing something useful, whether it’s getting yourself somewhere, with stuff or not, changes your mood, your observations on what’s happening around you, and that positively affects people around you as well, and exponentially an entire city. I’ve seen the transformation happen in Paris, since Vélib stations were installed in 2007. Look at the postmen on their bicycles, known to be of the grumpy sort – see how happy they are!

I was glad that Nimble Scooters and our company’s ideas could feel at home in such an event. I hope we helped people see that scooters, with a cargo space to carry things, can also help people move better in their cities. For example, I really adhere to Autonomy’s mission statement and feel that Nimble Scooters is definitely part of this movement:

“A next-generation global gathering aimed at industries and companies that develop products, services and technologies to move people and goods in cities in new, efficient and fashionable ways.

what’s your cargo?

A the end of the show, I packed up our booth material into my slick and smooth Navy Nimble Cargo Scooter, and off I was to my rented apartment. It was a 2.4 km ride with a heavy load, which took about 15-20 minutes. Alternatives were to have someone come and pick me up in a car with my things. Or perhaps walking my really heavy things to the tram stop. All I can say is, I’m glad that load wasn’t on my back, after standing for many hours all day long for several days! Thank you Nimble!

About Nantes

This was the first time I visited Nantes and was very impressed but the convenient city infrastructures, the flow of people and various public transportation systems. There was indeed a visible effort of encouraging bicycling and reducing car use, but as a first-time cyclist in Nantes, I had some difficult times figuring out where exactly the bicycle lanes were and if I was in the right path. In the end, I just went wherever I needed to go, bike path or not, staying as safe as possible! The Bicloo bikes were easy to use. The bicycles that were offered to exhibitors at VeloCity were very comfortable and all-city terrain (cracked sidewalks, large or small stones, over sidewalks, up and down bridges.

I think it was a perfect venue for VeloCity, and was a good example of a middle size French city making a lot of efforts to get its inhabitants to get on the move!

Nantes Cargo Bicycle Meetup

Everything was happening at the same time. I decided to stay an extra day to participate in the Nantes Cargo Bicycle Meetup. That Sunday was bright and sunny, and a great day to celebrate all things bicycle and cargo. The young kids that were there were the first to jump on the Nimble Scooter and I have to say they managed it way better than adults on their first time!