Design + Determination

How it all began…

If you’ve ever tried to carry a couple of bags of groceries or a case of beer while riding your bike, you know it can be quite a pain. Carrying a watermelon is much worse. Anyway, we started building cargo scooters because we thought there was a better way to make local trips with your belongings.

Although it’s possible to modify your bicycle with large racks, multiple baskets, or a bulky trailer, you can’t wheel it into the supermarket with you, carry it up a flight of stairs easily, or ride it through a crowded sidewalk. Also a lot of road and mountain bike riders don’t want to add all that stuff to their $2500 space age vehicle.

With that in mind, the team at Nimble Scooters created the world’s first production cargo scooter. We’re not out to replace the bicycle for longer trips. Instead our scooters are a great way to carry your stuff when going to the store, making deliveries or working in a warehouse.


Team Nimble

Flexible, multi-faceted and reactive

We are a team of Californians with a mixture of cultural backgrounds, yet we are close-knit and our common strength is the passion to build the best cargo scooters in the world. We started off as a small team that originated via California State University Long Beach’s Industrial Design Program, and has since incorporated new partners with the best skills to bring our product to full development.

Nimble Scooters has been around since the Spring of 2011, when we started building our first prototypes in Southern California. After three years of test batches and reconfiguration, we launched our finalized production-ready model in Spring 2014 in Amsterdam at Fietsvak and in New York City at WantedDesign. Since then, we’ve been getting tremendous feedback from all over the world and we are determined to continue this adventure bringing the best quality and functional cargo scooters to market.

Not just about a scooter

Urban mobility & making the future city

We are on the cusp on a large wave of widespread micro-transit. As cities become smarter, more efficient for bicycles and more accessible to makers and crafters, city governments are having to work with citizens to make this urban movement as mobile as it wants to be. Urban areas in the United States and Europe alike are facing more and more businesses and entrepreneurs starting new activities in cycle-logistics, alternative transportation vehicles as well as new ways to share, travel and collaborate.

At Nimble Scooters, we feel that we are a part of this and want to show our active support in these movements. We attend trade shows, festivals and conference to talk about our solution for people and businesses in their efforts to make their environments more pleasant and accessible.


Alix Armour



Scott Rall



Aaron Wong

Partner / Product Design and Development


John Kim

Inventor, Principal Investor


Michelle Cortes

Accounting, Office Management


Michael Cannavo

Content Media Manager

Building a strong global network

Our business development partners are dedicated to helping us build strong relationships with suppliers, fans and users all around the world. Join us and be part of our Nimble global approach. Currently covering the areas of Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Australia, we are always on the lookout for passionate individuals.

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Our Values

Our team sat down and we discussed how we wanted to conduct our business

Innovation & Design

As a core team of designers & engineers, we value good design and efficient simple engineering. As we listen to our customers needs, we are in a constant process of refining our design and innovating our cargo scooter functionality.


Being there for our customers and partners is important for us. Our goal is to build good relationships and grow our businesses together for the long term.

Doing Good For You

Our cargo scooters were designed to help people alleviate loads, make life and work more enjoyable. We carry this throughout our entire range of products.