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Are you interested in making money by selling our Nimble Cargo Scooters?
You know your city and neighborhood better than we do. Help us spread the word about our Nimble Cargo Scooters, how it can help your friends, families and businesses. For US customers only.

Who gets what?

Ok, let's talk about money.

$25 for you for every scooter you sell

That’s right. Any scooter that you sell to a friend, acquaintance or anyone you come across will be registered and you receive a 8.35% commission on the retail price on our shop, which is $25 when the scooter is at $299 (not on sale).

$20 for your customer

Not only do you get money, but so does your customer! This is what drives them to buy from you, using your Affiliate link, rather than directly from us. It’s a win-win situation!

Get paid directly

All you need is an active PayPal account and you’ll receive your commission $ directly on your account.

How to Apply

Follow these steps and you'll be set up in no time

Enlistly Affiliate Program

Sign up on our Enlistly Affiliates program here. We use to manage and track affiliate sales.

Get your demo scooter

Once you register, we’ll send you a discount code for you to purchase your first scooter with a 20% discount off from our shop (one time only).

Your own shop link

Enlistly will provide you with a personalized link to our shop (you can also choose your own custom url) which tracks down the customers you send us, giving you the commission. Share this link via e-mail, Facebook, or on your website.

Assemble your scooter

Once your receive your scooter, assemble it and start showing people what Nimble Scooters are all about.

Making the purchase

When someone is interested, direct them or assist them in purchasing via your shop link. When we receive the order, we’ll send it directly to them.

Assembly Service

You can also make extra $ by suggesting to assemble the cargo scooter for your customers! We suggest $30 a scooter.

The Advantages

  • If you become a great Nimble Scooter assembler, you may also charge your customers for assembling their scooter for them if they want. We suggest a $30 assembly fee.
  • You can stop being an Affiliates anytime.
  • Become the coolest kid/adult on the block!
  • Help your community become more connected, interactive and mobile.


Once we get enough Nimble Affiliates, we’ll organize competitions and award a free Nimble Cargo Scooter or Nimble Accessories kits to the best performers.

Returns & Disclaimer

If your customer is not satisfied with their Nimble Cargo Scooter and are having issues, please try to sort the problem with them first. You may ask us for help by sending us an e-mail or calling us up.
If there is a manufacturing issue, we will investigate the problem and see if we need to exchange the scooter, free of charge.

We do not accept any returns after 10 days, and the Nimble Scooter needs to be unused and in new condition.


Start making $25 a scooter today. 

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