Building together a network of trusted professionals

Our drop shipping and wholesale formulas make it easy for you to work with us. Use our contact form to ask for our price list today. We currently have partners in the USA and Europe. See our locations here.

Our goal is to establish an active and stable dealer-manufacturer relationship with verified dealers who pass on our understanding of quality and customer service to end customers. In regards of this, you’ll receive exclusive benefits as an official Nimble Scooters dealer.

What you receive from us:
  •       A demonstration scooter at a special price
  •       Customer enquiries from your region
  •       Nimble Scooters postcards, flyers and stickers
  •       All product news and information upon publication
  •       Contact partners in English, French, Japanese and Dutch
  •       Quick availability of all spare parts
  •       An effective standard margin system
  •       A link with downloadable media for your website and marketing material

Note: if you are an individual and don’t have a seller’s permit or VAT, we have an Affiliates Program in the USA.

On the scene of new urban mobility

Besides just being a design studio and manufacturer of Nimble Scooters, we are also active on the scene of promoting urban mobility. As a provider of solutions for urban logistics, intra-facility logistics and B2B or B2C delivery, our goal is to spread the word on how Nimble cargo scooters can help the various user-scenarios.

#cyclelogistics #urbanmobility #intralogistics #micromobility #cargocycling

Cities are moving full speed ahead with innovative strategies on improving mobility within the city, and between cities. Transportation is becoming smarter, more effective and efficient for professionals as well as consumers. At Nimble we are not only passionate about developing the best products to help people carry objects over short distances, but we also value our role in improving urban and intra-mobility. We take part in events and conferences to show that we are active members of this progressive movement and do our best to share our solutions.
Find out more here or follow @nimblescooters or @aliks on Twitter to see our action.

Thanks to great interest and trust from our first partners, we have been able to establish stable and stream-lined logistics and distribution channels over the USA and Europe. Currently at the cusp of widespread micro-mobility, we are conscious of the potential of the market.

When the urban mobility market matures and reaches a new dimension, we want to be able to draw upon a solid and reliable network of dealers. If you feel like you’re business matches with our product, let’s work together.

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