Nimble Scooters gaining ground in Belgium

Highly anticipated by staff, it was adopted immediately on arrival upon arrival...

— Trace Libre at CHU Liège
Our Belgium partner Trace Libre, who has launched their activity just this Spring, has Nimble Scooters as its featured product in their business of eco-mobility consulting. They have been traveling far and wide to promote Nimble, gaining a lot of traction in the Belgium territory, racking up meetings and landing deals faster than anyone else! The latest accomplishment has been at the University Hospital in Liège, where the students and staff use the cargo scooter in their medical supplies warehouse to gather orders among other things. What a great idea! See the video below.

“Monsieur Coline, Chef de Service, et son équipe ont été rapidement convaincus par ses nombreuses qualités. Pratique dans l’acheminement de commandes, agile dans ses déplacements, le Nimble apporte également beaucoup de convivialité au sein de l’équipe.
Très attendu par le personnel, il a été adopté dès son arrivée…
Merci à l’équipe du CHU de sa confiance.”

Translated from French: “Department Head Mr. Coline and his team were quickly convinced by the cargo scooter’s many qualities. Convenient for order fulfillment, nimble in its movements, the Nimble also brings in a good mood within the team. Highly anticipated by staff, it was adopted immediately on arrival upon arrival… Many thanks to the team of the University Hospital for their trust.”

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NimbleScooters_CHU liege