Blockbuster Debut at Interbike, Las Vegas!


It was the first time for some of us to go to Las Vegas, and definitely the first for Nimble Scooters! We used this occasion to launch our very latest model, the Nimble XL as well as preview the Nimble Urban, which is coming out later in the Spring of 2016, if our Kickstarter campaign fares well!

Our booth was packed most of the time with curious visitors who were pleasantly surprised to see a newcomer in this show of mostly bicycles. In fact, we found a new sales pitch that really worked: “Want a pumpkin?” “No? How about a cargo scooter?” as visitors walked by hundreds of bicycle designs. Bike, bike, bike accessories, bike, bike…wait what? pumpkin? huh?? wait what is that? a cargo scooter? never heard of it. Then they were hooked. And got a free ride.

Some of our favorite brands we discovered


Monkey Fingers

A smart bungee chord that comes in one size but let’s you adjust the length! No need to find the right size bungee cord, get different lengths – this is a one size fits all flexible rope! We look forward to retailing them on our shop for use with our Nimble Scooters!

Nantucket Bike Baskets

We were lucky to see that Nantucket Bike Baskets had a booth at Interbike because we love their wicker baskets! We’ve been testing them for our own scooters and our future models. Hoping to collaborate soon, we brought back home an adorable mini handlebar basket!


SFC Casual Cyclist Clothing

They had a booth right across from us and we love the designs of their clothing and accessories! Some have reflective patterns and others are awesome graphic tees. In creating SFC Tommy wanted to offer comfortable casual cycling clothing made of premium quality materials with graphics that align back to the cyclist lifestyle. Tommy is now an avid Nimble Scooter rider and you can follow his adventures on Nimble on Instagram @wearesfc


Using our own cargo scooters for set up and dismantling

We love trade shows because it’s a double opportunity to show how useful our products are. While people are struggling and pushing their carts with booth gear, we just scoot by and have a great time doing so. Our scooters are easy to navigate through the aisles, and this time, Mandalay Bay exhibition center was blocked from all places with forklifts and electric cars (with nothing on them most of the time) that took half the space of the aisles. We would just maneuver around them or go another way.

A jam packed 3 days at Interbike looks a bit like this: