Cargo Bicycle Festival, Nijmegen, Netherlands


This year for the first time, Nimble Scooters had a booth at the 4th International Cargo Bicycle Festival held in Nijmegen, Netherlands. We may not have a bike product per se, but we definitely have the cargo part.

On Saturday April 18th, I attended various workshops and listened to the speakers, during the conference (see program and list of speakers here) part of the show, which addresses cycle logistics, urban planning and its consequences on and for cargo bicycles.

It was good to meet many of the important actors who are promoting the use of and building cargo bicycles in Europe. I was able to meet a few people I had been in touch with only via e-mail and connect with new interesting people. I even “ran” into the owner of Obst & Gemüse, who had bought a Nimble Cargo Scooter for his shop in Basel, Switzerland!

I live tweeted the conference via my personal Twitter handle @aliks, and if you’re interested to follow the days events, you can follow the #ICBF2015 feed



DHL was demonstrating their new DHL cargo bicycle for the last mile deliveries.


Nijmegen_2These guys were all over our scooter and felt it would be very useful for security and maintenance patrols.



Our scooters’ platform is wide enough and can easily hold two large work booths, like the security agent’s above.