DIY Network: “scooter that carries its weight in utility”

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In Season 6, Episode 2, the DIY network features our Nimble Classic as a practical scooter that carries its weight in utility, on their hit show “I Want That!”. “Inverted Blender Episode” This episode features a high-charged blender with an inverted carafe, children’s headphones that bend but won’t break, changeable table legs, an exercise toy […]

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Handmade Charlotte


Here’s a very nice post by┬áRACHEL FAUCETT at “Meet the future of around-town transit:┬áThe Nimble Scooter. Solving the age-old problem of having only two hands, but a million places to go, Nimble Scooters combine the best parts of an everyday bicycle and a commercial cargo jet, rolling them into one brilliant concept and a […]

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