The Nimble Classic

Our very first design for the Nimble cargo scooter is a reflection of our desire to build a convenient, low-cost, high quality, low-maintenance and compact means of transportation. We're very proud to say the Nimble Classic has exceeded all expectations.


Unique Features

What makes our Classic unique and functional


Easy Access Foot Break

Our cushioned and textured foot brake allows you to intuitively use the brake. No need for wires tangled with your other supplies and risk of breaking. It’s all about simplicity.


Hassle-Free Lean Parking

No need for a kick-stand, our Classic Nimble model holds itself up on its side. This allow for easy mobility, without having to waste a few seconds to maneuver your foot under a dirty frame. Just lean it down, and do your thing.


Adjustable Handlebars for Any Height

On our Classic Nimble model, our handlebars come with a practical quick release, allowing you to easily adjust the height for someone up to 1m90 / 6’3. They have a wide 20” grip range and fit any standard industry grips.


Convenient Locking Point

In our 2015 update, we added a locking loop on the center post to allow you to easily attach your scooter securely – you can also use it to hook on Bungee chords or other bags or tools with hooks.

Nimble_Cargo_Scooter_Front_Detail Square_S

Extra Wide Foot Deck

Our extra wide natural wood deck makes it easy to ride and glide, even with heavy work boots. Lined with industrial grip tape, to make sure you stay on. The wood is dyed to match the color of the cargo tub. At 8″ wide x 25″ long (20 x 62 cm) the deck makes the ride comfortable and safe. Plus, they’re made in a factory just around the corner from our studio!


Full Coverage Accessories Kit

You can equip your cargo scooters with this Nimble Kit, including a bell, LED light and custom made black water-repellent cargo cover.

Our Wheels

Nimble Scooters come with the finest American-made industrial wheels on the market. Each Colson Wheel is designed with both hard and soft elastomer materials in it’s tread. Our large diameter wheels have a 6 inch (152mm) diameter, which means, they roll easily and are extremely durable. While at the same time, they’re quiet, protect floors, and have a cushioned ride. Plus, the non-marking treads are permanently bonded to a durable polyolefin wheel core with a load capacity of 375 lbs. So, these wheels will keep you rolling for years and you’ll never worry about getting a flat tire again.

Hard wheels vs. Pneumatic tires

The advantage of having 6″ hard wheels is that there is no maintenance needed on the wheels, and they last a very long time. They are fit for all types of surfaces, have been tested on rough streets, cobblestones, cracked sidewalks and pavements of all sorts, all over the world. The ride is comfortable (of course no ride is quite comfortable on cobblestones!) and smooth on most surfaces and for the short distance you’re going, the Nimble gets you there. And most importantly, you cover more distance per kick on a hard tire than on a pneumatic tire.

Length: 57″ / 145 cm
Width: 16″ / 40 cm
Height: 26″ / 66 cm
Weight: 29 pounds or 13 kg
Maximum payload with rider: 300 lb / 136 kg

Width: 20” / 51 cm
Adjustable +” / 26 cm additional height possible
Good for people up to 6’3 / 1m90

Cargo Tub
16″ x 17″ x 24″ / 40 x 43 x 61 cm
Heavy duty HDPE 3mm thick cargo tub
Capacity: 2.4 cubic feet / 18 gallons / 68 liters
Curled edges for strapping points and easy to hold

Dimensions: 31 x 20 x 18 inches / 79 x 51 x 46 cm
Weight: 39 lb / 17.7 kg
Scooter is shipped un-assembled in a single box with standard post

6″ / 152 mm diameter
280 lb load capacity per wheel
Non-marking soft elastomer treads
Chemical resistant polyolefin wheel core

Foot Platform
8” x 25” / 20 x 62 cm
Laminated Baltic birch deck with laser cut grip tape
Color stained to match tub color



An endless list of applications

There are countless ways to use Nimble Scooters. Here are a few of them.

Urban living and working

Laundry runs, grocery shopping, farmers’s market, moving homes, deliveries, mobile shop, moving books and boxes, lunch meal deliveries, flower shop deliveries, taking kids to school, bringing tools around a city…


Neighborhood BBQ, beach promenades, grocery shopping, picnics in nearby park, sports events, farmers markets, school festivals, fishing, Walmart shopping or other large stores.

Outdoor Spaces

Property management, maintenance and janitor teams, government properties, gardening, zoos, garden centers, construction sites, racing events, parades, festivals, military bases, etc.

Industrial Spaces

Pick & Pack, fulfillment, maintenance, supervision. For factories, warehouses, lab complexes, maritime ports, container ships, military bases, etc.

Indoor Spaces

Malls, hospitals, airports, trade-shows, food distribution centers, museums, movie theater complexes, schools, indoor gym and sports centers.

Commercial Purposes

Guerilla marketing, mobile promotion, local deliveries, store to store connections, branding, internal use, extended points of purchase, street festivals, flea markets, etc.

Social Benefits

One of the most unique benefits of riding around town with a Nimble cargo scooter is the social response. For an everyday user getting groceries or running errands, you’ll be fascinated by the positive feedback you hear from strangers or acquaintances about your new ride. Expect to make many new friends. 

For a business, be prepared to be asked what your new cool “utility kick-scooter” is about, and take the opportunity to promote you business. New local clients guaranteed.

Make your neighborhood a better and happier place – ride Nimble Scooters.

    Your Benefits

  • Stay fit

    Using Nimble Scooters is physical. You use the same muscles as skateboarding, running, kick-scootering. Scootering around helps burn more calories than walking, without breaking a huge sweat.

  • Save time

    Nimble Scooters get you twice as faster as walking to where you need to go.

  • Prevent back pain

    Injuries related to carrying heavy loads is common. Nimble Scooters allow you to easily move things safely over short distances.

  • Save money

    The return on investment in a Nimble cargo scooter is achieved quickly and efficiently by the time you save while working on tasks and the money you save by investing in a low budget means of mobility. Compare the cost of using a Nimble instead of using a $2000-$3000 cargo bicycle.

  • Reduce CO2

    By riding a Nimble cargo scooter, that means you’re burning your own energy to get moving, instead of a gas engine or electric power. That counts as reducing carbon emissions and saving electric power for other uses.


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