The Nimble Advantage

Virtually anything can be carried in Nimble Scooters. Colorful, convenient, and easy to maneuver, they are great for short trips like carrying groceries home from the supermarket or transporting tools across a factory floor. The possibilities are endless. The best part – Nimble Scooters are FUN. Try one, and you’ll feel like a kid again.

Flat White

The Nimble Classic

Our very first design reflects our desire to help people carry their gear over short distances in a fun and convenient way.

Popular with small businesses, families and warehouse facilities.

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More about the Classic here.

The Nimble XL

Our heavy duty industrial warehouse scooter. With 5 wheels & two hand brakes, the foot deck folds up to save space and turn into a cart. Entirely made in California.

Great for saving time in tasks like materials handling, picking, facilities maintenance, servicing, internal logistics.

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More about the Nimble XL here.



The Nimble Urban

Our answer for urban spaces. A folding, versatile kick-scooter with an incredibly smooth ride, plus a generous capacity for carrying your gear, whether it's with saddle bags or a flat rack.

Perfect for parents with kids, for shopping or running errands around town, and even on campus at university or work.

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