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  • What is the ride like if I add a heavy load?

    The more load there is, the more stable to ride is. It’s actually smoother and safer. Just make sure you have both hands to keep the scooter steady.

  • Is it difficult to learn how to ride?

    There is a small learning curve to maneuver the Nimble Cargo Scooter Original, but it’s easier than learning how to ride a bicycle! If you are used to riding traditional kick-scooters, the fact that the front wheel is not directly under your steering post might make it feel strange at first, but you’ll soon realize that it’s more stable and the ride is more comfortable after just a few pushes. Most people have no issues on their first go. If you’re a skateboarder, avoid riding the scooter like a skateboard or snowboard. Put one foot facing the front, and the other is on the side kicking front to back. One you’re on a Nimble, a traditional kick-scooter feels really unstable and wobbly.

    We recommend starting out in a large open area (parking lot for example). Go ahead and practice your turns!

  • What is the load capacity of a scooter?

    Thanks to our super tough wheels, the total weight load is 300 lbs. / 120 kg – including the human. You can fit about 68 L of stuff in the cargo box (18 gallons).

  • Does the cargo tub get in the way when you kick?

    The cargo tub might seem to be in the way, but it’s not disruptive, your knee doesn’t bang into it.

  • How fast can you go?

    You ride about as fast as you do on a skateboard which is an average of 7-12 mph. Our head of production, Scott, says: “I have bombed some hills at 20mph with 5 gallons of water.” Go downhill at your own risk!

    Under many conditions scooters are the fastest way to travel distances of less than a mile. Walking a half mile on level ground takes about 10 minutes for a reasonably fit adult. On a kick scooter, you can travel the same distance in 3 minutes. For people who make frequent trips of about a half mile, these savings can add up to several hours a week. Bicycles are slightly faster than scooters once you get going, but they often require cumbersome lugging in and out of a building, or locking/unlocking outside. In most settings, a kick scooter beats a bike door to door for trips of up to 3/4 mile. You might be going a bit slower if you’re carrying a heavy load.

  • Does it have a kickstand? Can you put one on?

    The scooter can lie on its edge without tipping over, that’s one of the design features of Nimble. Even if you have things inside, everything stays inside (unless you’re carrying something really tall). Otherwise, if you lean it against a wall it stands up fine as well.

  • How big is a Nimble Cargo Scooter?

    The scooter is 57” long (145 cm), 15 ¾ wide (38 cm) and 36” (91 cm) tall with the handlebar, which you can adjust heigher or lower. The cargo box itself is 16″W x 17″H x 24″D or 40 x 43 x 61 cm.

    Its compact size allows it to be parked on sidewalks, taken through a crowd without disturbing people, and can be easily lifted and fitted in the truck of a minivan.

  • How heavy is the scooter?

    It weighs 29 lbs (13 kg). Scott here can lift it up over his head with one hand. Empty, it’s easy to lift up on a sidewalk, up some stairs, into a car, etc. The frame is made of aluminium, which is what makes the scooter lightweight.


  • Where do you ship?

    We ship anywhere in the continental USA for free, and in Europe from Rotterdam. Our Original Series Nimble Cargo Scooter comes unassembled in one cardboard box weighing 39 lb.

  • Can you lock the scooter?

    Yes. The Original Nimble Cargo Scooter 2014 model can have a chain or bicycle lock pass through the front fork and wheel area of the scooter. Our 2015 models have a locking loop on the center post for easy access.

  • How high is the handlebar? What if you are 6″2, can you still ride Nimble comfortably?

    Great question! It just so happens that two of the creative brains behind Nimble are both 6″3 and 6″2 – and yes they can ride without any problem at all! And if you’re on the shorter and lighter side, then it’s a very easy ride as well. The handlebar standard height is placed at 26″ and can be raised up to 36″ high (91 cm) easily with our quick release on the 2015 Original Series model.

  • Do I have to assemble the scooter?

    Yes, for the moment. It takes about 20 – 60 min to assemble our scooter, depending on your experience with assembling bicycles or furniture. We also provide an “Assemble & Pick Up” service if you live in Southern California, where we assemble the scooter for you for an additional $30 fee.
    Our assembly instructions also come with a video to help you go through every step. If you have issues, we’re a phone call or e-mail away.

  • Do you have an electric version?

    Not for the moment.

  • Can you put kids in the cargo tub?

    Nimble Cargo Scooters are made to carry cargo, not humans. We’d like to develop a kids-carrier version with a proper baby-seat or with seat belts, conform to security laws.