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Gallery of images and videos


Case Study: Trade show marketing team + volunteers

As well as having a booth at the Green Festival in San Francisco, we partnered up with the volunteer  team of The Green Festival Organization and lent them a Nimble Cargo Scooter for the duration of the show. Samantha, who managed the volunteer team, absolutely loved it and was never seen walking or running since […]


Case Study: Passione Pizza

Passione Pizza, a Berkeley based company that prepares and sells healthy italian pizza dough (and pizza’s on the occasion) was present at Green Festival at Fort Mason. They had a pizza oven truck outside the pavilion as well as a booth inside the pavilion, and their team had to deliver fresh pizzas every 10 minutes […]


Green Festival San Francisco

From November 14-16th we held a booth at Green Festival in San Francisco’s Fort Mason’s Festival Pavilion. We partnered up with Green Festival’s marketing team and lent them a Nimble Cargo Scooter to help them get around and transport things around the fair grounds. They used it so much they asked for a second!


Unboxing a Nimble Scooter

We just got our newly designed boxes. We’ve tried to make it a great experience. Check out our unboxing video.

Team Nimble and friends

Dwell on Design 2014

It wouldn’t have been complete without presenting our scooters at a top-notch West Coast Location, after Fietsvak in Amsterdam and WantedDesign in New York City. The Dwell team helped make it possible for us – so there we were at Booth M32 making lots of friends and having a blast!


Video: Nimble Scooters in Paris

See how Nimble Scooters is ridden in Paris along the Canal Saint Martin on Vimeo.

Nimble Scooters @ Urban Motion

NYCxDesign Week

Photos from our NYC launch during Design Week, at Wanted Design and beyond… Nimble Scooters partnered up with Core77 to help them distribute their limited edition special occasion Design Daily. Check us out riding through NYC with our Nimble Cargo Scooters.


Nimble in Southern California

Nimble Scooters are designed and assembled in Southern California.


Nimble in Paris, France

To show how Nimble looks and works in a city, and how it can be used, we took it out for two days in Paris, on some little streets, in front of a church, and through a crowded antique fair. It was easy! I was able to wiggle my way through the crowd, without causing […]


Nimble in Amsterdam

To get a feel of Nimble in the city, we went around town using our scooters to test the various textures on the streets.


Fietsvak 2014

We officially launched our Nimble Cargo Scooter worldwide from our booth at Fietsvak 2014 in Amsterdam from March 1-4. Why Amsterdam? Well, where else do you have such avid bicycle users and cargo bicycle fans? The Netherlands is a whole country of bicycle users, who have started from a very young age. We thought it […]

Pacific Blue

Early Scooters

Let’s rewind a little bit. Up until now, since 2012 our Nimble Cargo Scooters were hand-made, and we sold them one by one to early fans around the United States (and a few beyond!). We learned a lot from this first series. We received feedback that allowed us improve the scooters, and figure out the […]


Electric Nimble Scooter

Just finished building our new prototype electric cargo scooter. Hoping to have it production ready in 2014. 15mph top speed and 6 mile range. Check out our video.


Photo Touring San Francisco

Professional photographers Frank and Paulette on a photo tour of San Francisco. No better way to carry all that heavy camera gear and cruise the sights.

scooter hand grips

Hand Grip Testing

We asked test users to try out an assortment of handgrips to find the best handgrips for our scooters.

Nimble Cargo Scooter at the Market

Farmer’s Market

Photos from a group trip to the farmer’s market.


Waterjet Cutting Parts

Water jet machine cutting front forks and rear brakes from a solid 2 inch plate of aluminum using water at 75,000 psi pressure.