Warehouse Work: A Rolling Revolution for Feet


(photo taken at Tagg Logistics, St. Louis, Missouri) Everyone knows that warehouse work can be tough on the body: walking long miles on hard cement, picking up and carrying heavy packages, repeated squatting or bending over… It can lead to serious, long term injuries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just in 2013 for […]

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Dynamic Fulfilling in the University Hospital thanks to Nimble


The Nimble Cargo Scooter was in the spotlight on July 13th on national Belgium TV! RTC Télé Liège did a report on how the scooter is used in the University Hospital of Liège’s brand new distribution center. They have a 5400 square meter (55 square feet) fulfillment area and is very useful to go from one aisle […]

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Ready to Ride in Munich


Even the name is noteworthy. Ritzel Kitzel, without knowing what it really means in German, reminds me of “Ritzy Kittens”. However you will not find any kittens in this shop, nor anything ritzy, but you will discover none other than the latest and greatest cycling and lifestyle gear available in Munich. That’s right – and our Nimble […]

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A Nimble addition to VeloCity Nantes 2015

From June 3rd – 6th Nimble Scooters participated in VeloCity Nantes, France for the 2015 edition. The Velo-city conference series is largely regarded as the world reference in terms of urban cycling policies. Find out more on ECF and the Velo-city series. Nantes Cargo Bicycle Meetup Everything was happening at the same time. I decided to stay […]

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Cargo Bicycle Festival, Nijmegen, Netherlands


This year for the first time, Nimble Scooters had a booth at the 4th International Cargo Bicycle Festival held in Nijmegen, Netherlands. We may not have a bike product per se, but we definitely have the cargo part. On Saturday April 18th, I attended various workshops and listened to the speakers, during the conference (see […]

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