Nimble at the 2015 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE)


A few weeks ago, our good friends at TAGG Logistics invited us to join them at the 2015 Internet Retailers Conference & Expo (IRCE), the largest eCommerce event in the world. The show, held in Chicago, IL, included over 600 exhibitors and featured industry leading speakers, such as Jason Goldberger (President of Target Corp,) Alexis Ohanian (Co-Founder of Reddit), and Christopher McCann (President of The 2015 IRCE gave us an exclusive look into the forefront of the latest in eCommerce education, solutions, and trends.

eCommerce: A Crash Course

We gained valuable insight on many important topics such as product management, logistics and fulfillment efficiency, and customer service. The biggest takeaway, however, was the importance of optimization within our internal processes. Simply put, we learned how crucial it was to ensure that we could provide our customers with the most pleasant and seamless shopping experience possible, on whichever platform they were using.

Many of the lessons we learned at the IRCE have already begun to find their way into our workflow. Some of the tools and techniques we are currently implementing include shifting the way we look at our analytics, or raw data. Trying to gain a better understanding of the needs of Nimble customers is at the top of our priority list. We also reevaluated the way our website communicated across multiple platforms and began updating and revamping the experience completely.

Another big change that is currently happening behind the scenes involves the way we manage, track, and fulfill orders. We took a good look at the journey of a Nimble Scooter – from the moment a customer makes a purchase, to the time it takes our Nimble team to receive the order in our warehouse, all the way up to when it arrives at the customer’s doorstep. Any inefficiency is highlighted, discussed, and corrected, ensuring that our customers receive their product quickly.

The 2015 IRCE proved to be a great experience for Nimble as it showed us the importance of achieving agility in both our organizational structure and our operations to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible. It was reinforced that in order to respond to the ever changing world of digital commerce, we need to be Nimble. We are at a very exciting time in our development and remain committed to creating a brand that our customers will love for years to come.


Desiree Brockett and Tod Yazdi of TAGG Logistics

*TAGG Logistics is a third party logistics provider specializing in order fulfillment, contract distribution services and contract packaging. Based in St. Louis, MO, TAGG uses a fleet of Nimble Scooters in their fulfillment centers to assist in picking and packing! For more information, about TAGG, click here.