NYC x Design Week x Core77

Nimble Scooters: NYC from Nimble Scooters on Vimeo.

Our NYC Mission in May 2014 – delivering Core77 Design Dailies during Design Week!

From May 16-19, besides being exhibited at the WantedDesign design fair,  Nimble Scooters partnered up withCore77 to help them distribute their Design Daily. Core77 is normally web based content site on industrial design – the most reputable in the world, but for this special weekend they decided to print out their daily coverage of Design Week in four DesignDaily  prints.

In the mornings, we went to meet the main delivery truck who had all the freshly printed DesignDaily stock, loaded in 3-4 stacks of papers in the scooter, confirmed our daily route, then we set off to all the coolest design hot spot in town!

The advantage of having a Nimble Scooter was that we could be on the sidewalk if it wasn’t too crowded, hop off when it was, hand out papers as we went by – people even took some from the cargo box as we rolled – and we could pretty much ride right into any museum, store or shop, without worrying about dirtying the floor. And upon seeing the cargo scooter, people were so intrigued that they gladly let us in. When it rained, we had our handy Nimble Cover over our cargo to protect it. If we went back to our headquarters late at night with the scooter, no matter – just turn the light on!

View our stops here on Instagram. Seriously, it was fun. Scott even danced to dubstep in the Dance Parade with our Nimble Cargo Scooter, DesignDaily outfits and all…

Core77’s post on our delivery Nimble Scooter: “News You Can Use: The C77 Design Daily Is GO!”

We also received some cool coverage while we were there too: