Press Release: California Start-Up to Showcase Unique Cargo Kick-Scooters at COP21 in Paris



California Start-Up to Showcase Unique Cargo Kick-Scooters at COP21 in Paris

SANTA ANA, CA , October 30th, 2015 – Nimble Scooters, a California based start-up, will be one of eight American companies featured in the US Pavilion at the La Galerie trade show in Paris this December 7-9. The exhibition is part of the 21st Annual UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP21), in which international parties will negotiate an a treaty to limit rising global temperatures. La Galerie will showcase the economic element of the climate conference by featuring companies with innovative, low-emission products for the attending policy-makers and politicians. Nimble Scooters is presenting alongside companies such as 3M, the US Department of Energy and Renewable Energy. 

An important role in changing the way people think to travel around their city

For Nimble Scooters, presenting their cargo kick-scooters within the same umbrella as COP21 is an opportunity to impact the way people travel in urban metropolises worldwide.

“With so much focus on the climate change and sustainable solutions to fight it, there will be an explosion on the scene of urban mobility,” said Alix Armour, CEO and Co-Founder of Nimble Scooters. “Our scooters are a unique, affordable solution to replace carbon emitting vehicles They’re a great alternative to a car, and carry more cargo than a bicycle.”

Launch of 2 new models this year for pros & urbanites

Nimble Scooters’ are only high performing kick-scooters on the market that helps you carry what you care about with a smooth, hassle-free and elegant ride. The patented design features a human-powered kick-scooter equipped with a cargo container in the lower front section of the frame. The Nimble Classic which retails for $299, was first released in 2014 and has since reached consumers in over 15 countries. In response to consumer feedback, later this year Nimble Scooters is debuting two additional models;

  1. Nimble Urban, a slimmed down model intended for navigating metropolitan streets and crowds while running errands. Its production is planned to be financed by a Kickstarter campaign, if all goes well. It is estimated to retail for $249 in the USA and 299€ in Europe.
  2. Nimble XL for professionals: a 5-wheeled cargo scooter with an enlarged cargo container and features a foldable scooter base, enabling customers to convert it from a human-powered cargo scooter into a push cart. It’s designed for facilities and warehouses, where workers can swiftly ride their supplies and tools across the floors. It retails for $599 at or 699€ in Europe.

Armour said that the scooters do more than just enhance urban mobility: their unconventional design draws interest and sparks discussion, bringing people together.

“People have run after me or pulled over their cars to ask about my Nimble,” said Armour, who lives in Paris. “It has this amazing magnetizing effect, and really helps cities foster a social tie.”

Nimble Scooters was founded in 2011 by Alix Armour, John Kim, and Scott Rall, when they came up with the concept and design for the scooter in an effort to develop a less expensive, low-maintenance alternative to cargo bikes. The company has since grown to six official employees.