Case Study #4: Gallia Beer Warehouse

Case Study #4: Gallia Beer Warehouse

Simon Hicher, Gallia brewmaster

Loading up a keg or four cases of beer?

Gallia Paris, the recently revived legendary Parisian beer, has established its headquarters in the north of Paris, near Pantin, and has a medium sized warehouse where they keep their inventory. A growing company with a young and dynamic team, they are keen on using innovative new tools for marketing, business and warehouse management. In a side room at the warehouse, the brewmaster Simon has set up his experimental laboratory. He is frequently moving boxes around and kegs for events, and to make sure the Gallia “estafette” (vintage French police van) is stocked with the right bottles for their next promotional events.

They have a forklift to move pallets around, but they also have a skateboard. Simon showed me how he could move around two kegs with his two hands while riding a skateboard. It seemed incredibly dangerous but he seemed very comfortable on it. But then of course, ever since the Nimble Cargo Scooter came into his life and the lives of the Gallia team, the skateboard remained to be used just to get around. The Nimble Cargo Scooter can hold 1 keg, empty or full, and 3-4 stacked cases of beer, weighing about 31 kg each. You can’t do that on a skateboard, nor can you carry that many cases at once with your arms.


Observed situation:

  • The small team needs to get around the warehouse, keep it organized, but be able to easily access the goods to carry out orders, fill up the delivery van and estafette.
  • As a young company, they are on a tight budget.
  • There is no loading dock for a truck (yet), they use their own physical strength to load the delivery van.
  • A forklift is used to move pallets around.
  • Their space is small and they don’t need to go very far.
  • Their goods come in kegs, boxes and individual bottles.
  • Their goods are in glass containers, so stability is important.
How a Nimble Cargo Scooter helps Gallia

  • It takes up half the size of a forklift, can be parked anywhere, without having to bring out a kickstand or propping it up.
  • It can be easily lifted by hand into the van to increase visibility at a promotional event.
  • At 389€, it is significantly cheaper than a 1500-3000€ cargo bicycle which takes up a lot of room, is better for long distances, and requires maintenance.
  • Even by leaning on its side, the Nimble Cargo Scooter can hold 3 cases of beer safely without breakage.
  • It can be used industrially, but also for personal reasons, such as to get lunch for the whole team at the nearby bakery!


Placing your logo on the side of the cargo tub is useful if you want to use your Nimble Cargo Scooter at promotional events. 


Heavy duty and low maintenance

The Nimble Cargo Scooter requires very little maintenance. Simply make sure the bolts are tightened once a month. The wheels are guaranteed to last for many years, the roto-molded tub is 3 mm thick and very difficult to crack. Around a warehouse, the cargo scooter can be used for many types of tasks, without being modified.

See Nimble Scooters in action at Gallia at 00:32 s

Nimble Scooters: Paris from Nimble Scooters on Vimeo.

Next time you’re in Paris, try a Gallia!

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