Case Study #6: Passione Pizza

Passione Pizza, a Berkeley based company that prepares and sells healthy italian pizza dough (and pizza’s on the occasion) was present at Green Festival at Fort Mason. They had a pizza oven truck outside the pavilion as well as a booth inside the pavilion, and their team had to deliver fresh pizzas every 10 minutes to the indoor booth, where owner Fabrizio was handing them out to hungry visitors. Eric had to walk over with a hot stack of 3-4 pizzas all day long – until they saw our Nimble Cargo Scooters.
On the second day they bought one from us and it changed everything. Eric was happily scooting along through the aisles of the trade show, from truck to booth and sending out cheerful warning signs to passerby’s with the handy scooter bell.


Eric is seen here transporting fresh pizza boxes and oven equipment from the Pizza oven truck to the indoor pavilion booth.



Eric has just delivered his pizzas, and is now retrieving the empty boxes to bring back to the pizza oven truck.



Here are Scott and John, enjoying the very very delicious pizzas fresh from the oven, delivered by Eric on his new Nimble Cargo Scooter.