Case Study #2: Bob’s Bake Shop in Paris


In Paris, France, Bob’s Food Etc provides true American pastries, bagels, salads and pressed juices to local Parisians. They have several locations around Paris, but here at L’esplanade Nathalie Sarraute in the north of Paris, they have a Bake Shop with a nice terrace and lots of space around them. They use our Nimble Cargo Scooter to go to the laundromat, gather last minute supplies at the grocery market and simply to get around.

The streets in Paris are small, sidewalks narrow and distances are short. Unlike a cargo bike, which takes up a lot of room, budget, and maintenance, the Nimble Cargo Scooter can be parked easily on a sidewalk, scooted on sidewalks, roads or any sort of surface and discreetly get your to where you need to go, efficiently and swiftly.