Case Study #3: Green Festival Volunteers

November 2014, San Francisco


Volunteer teams supply booths and pavilions twice as fast

As well as having a booth at the Green Festival in San Francisco, we partnered up with the Volunteer Team and Organizers of The Green Festival San Francisco and lent them a Nimble Cargo Scooter for the duration of the show. Samantha, who managed the volunteer team, absolutely loved it and was never seen walking or running since the moment she hopped on.

We’d see her and other volunteers transport bags of ice, various supplies, as well as catalogs and tools. Since there were two trade show pavilions to manage, it was also convenient to go from one to another, with or without supplies in the cargo.

As Samantha said, very seriously: “This is the best thing ever for us. We need this at all of our trade shows – it has been incredibly helpful and works really really well.”


One of the facilities workers stopped by and asked about our cargo scooter, kind of looked a bit jealous 😉


We lent a cargo scooter to help this fellow exhibitor carry her things from her car all the way to her booth. It saved her back and a lot of time. Plus it made her really happy!


Amelia, the main Exhibitor Coordinator of the Green Festival, occasionally borrowed a scooter to make her rounds around the two pavilions at Fort Mason.