John Boy Racing

Round 1, Willow Springs, March 28, 2015

Nimble Scooters is a proud sponsor of John “JohnBoy” Edmondson Racing. John is one of the most dynamic and exciting up and coming racers currently competing in the Moto West GP series in Southern California.

John and his pit crew use Nimble Scooters at every race to help transport tires, supplies, and other gear to and from the pits. During a typical race weekend, racers must switch out tires very quickly in between races and practice sessions several times a day. Tires are often carried by hand from the garage to the tire changing station. In racing, every second counts and this daunting task drains valuable time and energy. Thanks to the versatility of the Nimble Cargo Scooter, John’s team spends only a fraction of the time and energy it takes to transport supplies, allowing him to fully concentrate on racing.

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“Hey Aaron,
The Nimble Scooter worked like a charm in the pits. It literally was turning heads whenever I was on it or someone walked by our pit and seen it. People were asking about it left and right. It was perfect for carrying my tires and rims to get my tires changed which is happening all day long throughout the pits with every racer each race weekend. It can and will be used for so much more.

JohnBoy BMW 2


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