John Edmonson

“The Nimble Scooter worked like a charm in the pits. It literally was turning heads whenever I was on it or someone walked by our pit and seen it. People were asking about it left and right. It was perfect for carrying my tires and rims to get my tires changed which is happening all day long throughout the pits with every racer each race weekend. It can and will be used for so much more. Also, the scooter is extremely well balanced especially for its weight and even with stuff in the bucket.”

John Edmonson / John Boy Racing / California


“Hey Alix, loved the scooters! On a side note, are you interested in wholesaling these? I had so many people asking me where to buy one, and I told them where to get them but I was thinking that selling them ourselves would be pretty cool. Great product. Thanks again. ”

Mike / Texas

David M.

“Farmers market Sunday with family. Carries the groceries AND my daughter’s scooter.”

David M. / Thousand Oaks, California

What people are saying

Our customers are from all over the world and have shared their love and ideas for Nimble are some of them.



“It is amazing and all I wanted it to be. I love it, it is head turning, you’ll be asked a lot, but most of all utilitarian. Recommended for shopping, warehouses, or any carrying you do not want to do yourself (up to some 300 pounds).. it is indeed nimble and light, rides great;
great advantage for someone without a car, like our family. super awesome, you’ll love it.

A truly unique two-wheeled cargo carry option, this little scooter can hold as much as a traditional bakfiet cargo bike. Thoughtful design features make it easy and intuitive to use. Easy to steer, easy to ride, stable and goes the distance. It even rests upright against the corner of the cargo hold, eliminating any worry about tipping.”

Customer from Portland / Oregon




“I often go fishing at Dana Point and the scooter is really practical use to get to the end of the pier or path with all the fishing gear. I ride out directly from my home. A cargo bicycle would be too big, and a bike too difficult to carry the gear. I just need a few things, but after a good day of fishing the load can weigh quite a lot and it would be too heavy to carry by hand.”

Scott Rall / Dana Point


“This is such a handy and great product, I couldn’t recommend it enough!”

Josephine / Brand Manager / New Zealand



“I’m in training getting used to riding on my nimble scooter. I love the cookies I get for sitting quietly in the box. I think I look pretty cool too. I also run next to my mom when she rides the scooter outside, that is fun too, and I will post again when I ride while she scoots, could be soon. Courage!”

Murphy / Florida



“Great for carting around bulky box fans in the heat.”

Ann / Massachussetts



“I use my scooter to go and fill up barrels of water for my brewing setup.”

Scott / Southern California


“Oh and YES!!! My scooter arrived! A couple of things though:
1. My husband (who has always mocked adults who ride scooters) is now extremely jealous.
2. We took it out for its maiden voyage yesterday (scooting my daughter to school) but were stopped so many times we were late for school.
3. It made me realize how out of shape I am.

It took me a little longer than anticipated to put it together (someone didn’t want to get out of the cargo box, see photo)…but we are all LOVING it. I am a little embarrassed at the amount of attention I get on the street, but it is such a great ride.
My ever-skeptical husband was so impressed with the quality of it—so again, thank you to you and your team for designing such a smart, attractive vehicle.”

Kathleen Ku / New York City



“The Nimble Cargo Scooter is useful for small deliveries around a few blocks, and for internal use at tradeshows.” / Paris



“When my aging retriever had some surgery and couldn’t walk easily, the Nimble Scooter came in handy to give her rides and get some fresh air.”

Dennis / BuyCycle / Netherlands



“Hi guys – I’ve been meaning to email you.  The scooter is a big hit at OCC.  I get lots of comments, and I’ve given out a couple of your cards.  Hopefully it will generate some business for you!

I love it – once I got used to the long wheelbase, I find it plenty maneuverable and super useful.  I put OCC stickers on it and it looks cool.”

Cecilia S / Orange Coast College / California


“Your scooters are just great – the whole crew rides them around the place with a smile.”

Our customers in Ljubljana, Slovenia use Nimble Scooters around their large exhibition space, to help prepare for SloveniaDesign Month and other events!
We are really glad about this because it took quite some effort and perseverance to get the scooters all the way to Slovenia, but they made it and they are being well taken care of.

Zmago N. / Zavod Big / Slovenia