Warehouse Work: A Rolling Revolution for Feet


(photo taken at Tagg Logistics, St. Louis, Missouri)

Everyone knows that warehouse work can be tough on the body: walking long miles on hard cement, picking up and carrying heavy packages, repeated squatting or bending over… It can lead to serious, long term injuries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just in 2013 for 100 full time workers there 5.2 cases of injuries requiring job restrictions, workers to take days off, or even transfer positions. Dr Vincent Marino, a podiatrist and foot/ankle specialist in San Francisco who treats patients coming in from the entire Bay Area, sees the reality of these injuries on a daily basis. In an interview he explained how a large part of his patients are warehouse workers sustaining injuries and trauma from “picking and packing, walking all day on hard cement floors;” this causes chronic heel pain, pain in the ball of the foot, at the bottom of the foot, inflammations of the nerve, plantar fasciitis, and even at times stress fractures. Dr Marino put it simply, “the work they do all day doesn’t make sense.” To him, what did make sense was the Nimble Cargo Scooter. One of Dr Marino’s patients showed him the Californian invention earlier this year. Since then, he’s been a supporter of the Nimble Scooter’s use in warehouses.

Steady, convenient, and easy to maneuver, the “kick-scooter for cargo” design is a great solution for warehouse workers to move packages, tools, crates and more. During an interview Dr Marino explained that after seeing again and again the same types of injuries with his warehouse worker patients from “always pivoting on the same foot coupled with extensive walking” he thought of the Nimble Scooter as a good solution. The Nimble Cargo Scooter “would be great for any type of big warehouse with people walking up and down all day.” There are several benefits to the scooter, explained Dr Marino: reducing the amount of walking and replacing it with the Nimble Scooter would limit the amount, gravity, and cost of injuries workers suffer from, as well as increase the productivity within warehouses by reducing the numbers of injuries and by speeding up the picking and packing process overall. Nimble Scooters CEO Alix Armour says, “we like to think we make the process more fun and thus more productive. A happy employee is a better employee!” Dr Marino called it “a win-win situation. It decreases time to fill orders and injuries sustained.”

“a win-win situation. It decreases time to fill orders and injuries sustained.”

Dr Marino

The scooter’s large 8 inch deck can comfortably accommodate feet with large work boots, and along with its 18 gallon (68 liters) cargo bin and lean-park solution, the locally manufactured cargo scooter is an essential, reliable, low cost warehouse companion. Heavy-duty, compact, and practical, you can get your work done faster, better, and with a lesser risk for your employees. Nimble Scooters’ website shows a case study of how Nimble has made a positive impact on a warehouse’s supply chain in St Louis. Twice as fast and twice as fun as walking, Nimble Cargo Scooter can roll you and your company to a better place. At $299, the cargo scooter is a worthwhile purchase for any company; make sure your employees are working with a smile on their face and staying healthy! What are you waiting for? Shop Now

by Eloise Armour 08/10/2015

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Dr Vincent Marino, MD