New! Meet Nimble XL, the ultimate warehouse scooter.

The Nimble XL ships in a standard shipping box via UPS – No palletizing needed!

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Speeding up warehouse work
& order fulfillment

Save up to 27K a Year by Riding Instead of Walking

Pays Off for Itself in Less than 6 DAYS

 No More “Flat Foot” or Back Aches Thanks to Being Active

 Foot Deck Folds up for Cart Mode

5 Industrial Quality Wheels for Full Stability

Two Independent Hand Brakes, Parking Stops + Foot Brake

Designed, Manufactured, Assembled in California

Trade in your miles for smiles today. 

Designed to save you money

By scooting instead of walking, we calculated that we can save a company up to $27,000 per worker a year by using the scooter 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. If the scooter is only used half that time, then it’s still $13,500 that can be used for something else.

Designed for air freight, 6 on a pallet

Our scooters can be shipped by air via standard postal services. With a packaged dimension of 32” x 24” x 24” and weight of 70 lbs each, you can fit 6 scooters on one pallet, or ship it air freight in just a few days. You’ll be able to save time unloading stock, placing in inventory.

Example costs of sending 1 pallet of 6 scooters from California to:

  • Milwaukee – $205.08 (4-6 days)
  • New York – $284.75 (6-9 days)


The sharpest turn radius for going anywhere

We designed the Nimble XL so it can go through any sort of tight space: through doors, around pallets, narrow aisles. It navigates super easily through any standard door size.

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Full stability, incredibly easy steering & suits your everyday needs

We designed the Nimble XL with hard workers in mind. For those who have cargo or packages to haul and need to move swiftly, efficiently and enjoy doing it.

Boost productivity and stay ahead of the game!
The Nimble XL offers a versatile and efficient way to transport gear and offers double the load capacity (450-500 lbs) compared to our 2-wheel Classic model.


Our double handbrake system that to help maneuver & steer, with parking stops.


Our HDPE non-toxic cargo tub is roto-molded locally and can support over 200 lbs / 90 kg in the cargo tub, with a 230 lbs conductor.


The extra wide foot deck is made to sustain heavy weight and comfortably fit two large work boots.

Take your business to a whole new speed.

 Nimble XL Details
Weight  60 lb / 27 kg  Not including packaging
Total Payload
Cargo Capacity
450 lb / 204 kg
194 liters / 51 gallons
Including the rider
Dimensions W 26″ H 48″ L 62″
W 66 cm H 122 cm L 157.5 cm
Material Steel + Plastic Non-toxic HDPE roto-molded plastic (3 mm thick)
Wheels 5 Colson Performa industrial quality Two 8″ wheels and 3 6″ wheels. Industrial grade, non marking elastomer hard wheels – no maintenance
Folding Foot platform folds up
for cart mode
Folds and clicks in with one go, makes it easy to store
Brake Double band brakes Activated by two hand brakes, including a parking brake.
Price  $699 / 799€ + shipping Pays itself off after 10 days if used only 50% of the time
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